Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mount Roraima cannot be spoken of without the pics so I do it a great injustice, however.. we have successfully completed the hike and returned alive and intact! By far one of the more, perhaps most difficult hikes I´ve ever done, but am pumped to do a more multiday hikes now at home.  The advantage here of course being the weather, which let us get away with carrying much less. Even so, the girls packs still weighed in around 17kg with the boys weighing closer to 20kg.  We had 3 porters that hauled up food, etc, and one who stuck with us the whole trip to carry excess stuff including all of our ´´waste´´ products seeing as you can leave nothing, absolutely nothing, on the mountain.  I will not explain anymore details besides blue bags and odor powder.  Stay tuned for pictures of the magical Tapui mountains, and the ¨Extreme Hikers¨ who made it up and back.
I´m learning in Venezuela to never make plans... which has been good... especially like right now, when the group says lets go. Blog post to be finished later!

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