Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Soo.. to decision has been made to do the Roraima trip.  It was a tough decision because I was scheduled to leave Venezuela on Sat and join my fam in Mexico for a week during that time, which I´m sad to give up.
Roraima is one of the famous Tapui mountains here in Venezuela.  They are planning to close it in a year (for about 10 years) to let it return to it´s natural state. We are indiginous Pemon people land now and have been for a day or two.  They are very different than the last indigious group we visited.  They are clean, creative, and kind people.  We will leave our extra stuff with a family here while we do the 6 or 7 day hike up Roraima.
We have a new girl from Switzerland, Leila, that joined our group, and one member who left at the 5 week mark, Anders from Sweden. So we are still 9. We are all pretty pumped as Roraima is supposed to be the highlight of the whole 8 weeks. Apparently the best til last. 
Wish I could post pics today (but I cannot) as I´ve been having fun with my big camera on this trip. 
I sleep deprivation is never a great way to start a hike tho. We have such early morning departures (2Ñ30 Sun, 4Ñ30 Mon, 6Ñ today...)  Hope tonight is restful. It should be as we´re already set up in camp. 
Pulled pork and arepas continues to be a favorite food.  Too bad for Leila who thought she was eating beef yesterday.. when really.. she had cow´s tongue at 6 am for breakfast in her arepa ... yaya... hilarious for the rest of us when she found out =) Arepa is the national dish, and we eat a lot of it. I may have mentioned that arleady.   Much like nshima in Zambia, however slightly more creatively prepared.
Thanks for following! Thanks for all your prayers for safety, etc!
See you all soon!

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