Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mount Roraima cannot be spoken of without the pics so I do it a great injustice, however.. we have successfully completed the hike and returned alive and intact! By far one of the more, perhaps most difficult hikes I´ve ever done, but am pumped to do a more multiday hikes now at home.  The advantage here of course being the weather, which let us get away with carrying much less. Even so, the girls packs still weighed in around 17kg with the boys weighing closer to 20kg.  We had 3 porters that hauled up food, etc, and one who stuck with us the whole trip to carry excess stuff including all of our ´´waste´´ products seeing as you can leave nothing, absolutely nothing, on the mountain.  I will not explain anymore details besides blue bags and odor powder.  Stay tuned for pictures of the magical Tapui mountains, and the ¨Extreme Hikers¨ who made it up and back.
I´m learning in Venezuela to never make plans... which has been good... especially like right now, when the group says lets go. Blog post to be finished later!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Soo.. to decision has been made to do the Roraima trip.  It was a tough decision because I was scheduled to leave Venezuela on Sat and join my fam in Mexico for a week during that time, which I´m sad to give up.
Roraima is one of the famous Tapui mountains here in Venezuela.  They are planning to close it in a year (for about 10 years) to let it return to it´s natural state. We are indiginous Pemon people land now and have been for a day or two.  They are very different than the last indigious group we visited.  They are clean, creative, and kind people.  We will leave our extra stuff with a family here while we do the 6 or 7 day hike up Roraima.
We have a new girl from Switzerland, Leila, that joined our group, and one member who left at the 5 week mark, Anders from Sweden. So we are still 9. We are all pretty pumped as Roraima is supposed to be the highlight of the whole 8 weeks. Apparently the best til last. 
Wish I could post pics today (but I cannot) as I´ve been having fun with my big camera on this trip. 
I sleep deprivation is never a great way to start a hike tho. We have such early morning departures (2Ñ30 Sun, 4Ñ30 Mon, 6Ñ today...)  Hope tonight is restful. It should be as we´re already set up in camp. 
Pulled pork and arepas continues to be a favorite food.  Too bad for Leila who thought she was eating beef yesterday.. when really.. she had cow´s tongue at 6 am for breakfast in her arepa ... yaya... hilarious for the rest of us when she found out =) Arepa is the national dish, and we eat a lot of it. I may have mentioned that arleady.   Much like nshima in Zambia, however slightly more creatively prepared.
Thanks for following! Thanks for all your prayers for safety, etc!
See you all soon!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Caripe, Venezuela

Wow, pics were a little difficult to look at on my last entry. Not quite sure what happened there, thanks to those who took the time!... even tho pics still don't do this place justice.
Still looving the time here in Ven. We are on the 3rd of our 4 trips, starting yesterday.  Can't say as we're really roughing it though cause we're staying in a little "posada" with beds and doors, which is a bit of a treat.  We're doing some of the more touristic stuff this trip, like taking a guided tour through the "Guacharo" cave, hike up to a water fall, and just visited a coffee plantation, which was my fav part of the trip so far! The whole process is pretty cool. Did you know coffee trees grow best in shade. That coffee beans have 2 outter shells that have to be removed before the bean can be roasted... etc etc!
Class begins.. 5 min ago, which means I should realy go join. We're having class today in "PLaza Bolivar" which every town has. It's a monument in the middle of town with a concreted park like palce around where people meet.  "Bolivar" is a very historical figure, and they also name their money the "Bolivar".
Hope I can touch base again soon!
Love Am.