Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Post Final, Venezuela, 2012

Takes me a few days to relax and figure out a new place, so a few days has now passed. Today my only goals were visit ¨La Mercado Principal¨ and find the famous ice cream shop that made The Guiness Book of World Records for having the most flavours of ice cream. Missions accomplished.
Coca cola and CriCri ice cream cone enjoyed & the 3 story market covered.  We have not shopped at all in 2 months, so I got my shopping bug and souvenir shopping finally done today.  We truly have been rural the entire time I´ve been in Venezuela, so Merida is the first city we´ve spent any real amount of time in.  I have not missed the marketing world one bit. We´re also back in internet land with wifi at our Posada (hostel), and actually.. in some ways I miss being free from my internet attachment.  However...
Made some fun plans for tomorrow... my very last day in Venezuela!!... ahh. Simple plans, as I feel kind of chill. I heard about a natural hot spring about 40 min from here, so definitely going to check that out. Aswell as a 1 hr hike where you can overlook the city.  I think I´ve talked a couple others into joining too.
Flight to Caracas eaaarly friday morning, likely hang out in a safe hotel room until my morning flight hhhhome the next morning..........
The end of a trip like this has not sunk in yet. There is some excitement in getting home. But there is also some grief in leaving.
This is likely it for blogging from Venezuela! Thanks for all who joined me, in spirit, on the journey!
Love Am.

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