Thursday, May 31, 2012

From Here. To There.

Salut Lome!
Last walk down the hall to the laundry. Last report given at shift change.  Last singing in the ward with the Patient Life Team (wish I could play you the sound file).  Last trip to the market. Last ride on a Zemidjan (motorbike) in Lome.  Last time I will tuck my patients Fati and Kossiwa into bed : )  So many last times in the last few day.
I'm excited to be going home. I'm sad to leave another phase of life. I now hope I can one day go back someday to be part of  Mercy Ships again.  I'm excited to keep practicing my French now! I was so pleased to know the West African day workers.  I will miss them the most.  I'm excited for non-buffet food.  I'm excited for open spaces!  I'm excited to see Mercy Shippers again in other places around the world!
I'm in Ethiopia, on my way to London to catch a flight to Sweden! where I will have a reunion with my previous South America travel buddies! and eventually home again.
See you all soon!

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