Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"Africa Will Not be The Same..."

"The only bad part about Mercy Ships is that people leave..."

I know I can't actually bring them to you, and a picture can only speak 'a thousand' words ; ) but I wish you could know everything about these 2 ladies. I got to share my bunk space with each of them.  I'd say I truly lucked out with such amazing gals to get to know.  Roomies become some of the most special people on the ship.

Anjali Hamilton (Left)

Anjali.... 27, Comox, BC, Canada. Labour & Delivery nurse. Writes sweet notes. Has figured out a cool balance in life. Could I say humbly adventurous... Her mission was to get off the ship everyday, and.. she did it! You're my inspiration Anjali. Missing you already!

Amy Cleary (right)

Amy.... 24, New Zealand, plays cool music - on speakers of course.  Is creative and kind. Carefree. Watches out for her mates. Has a wild side ; ) Inspires people with her spontenaeity and happiness.

These are the kind of girls you do want to see again!
I hope my dreams of that come true.
Love you ladies : )

Artwork by one of my constantly creative current roomies Andrea Humphrey!
Used without permission! ; )

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