Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Let me introduce...

"The Africa Mercy"
The weekend was good for getting to know a few more of the girls here, and also for getting to know what there is to do around this town! Sat included visiting "Grand Marche" which is the local market, and Coco Beach for the afternoon... which is where you will be finding me every Sat! ; ) I feel at home on the beach...  I suppose two months living in Playa Colorada, Venezuela has done that to me. A consequence I am happy to live with ; )

Petra, Jeremie, and Jenn... I have the final conclusion of our debate.  The final results are.... dun dunana.... There IS a POOL on the BOAT!!!! Jenn you win the prize. The rest of us have a small imagination.  Albeit the pool itself is also small, but at least Jenn dared to imagine it : )

A few remarkable first week things:
Note worthy is that... my French actually works! : ) French immersion education pulls through. Although it is not perfect, I am able to converse quite comfortably in many cases.  My medical terminology needs a bit of work, along with my grammar, but hoorah for having a huge advantage here in Togo.
Note worthy number two: I do not get sea sick. Which is an asset because there are times when you actually feel this huge ship swaying/moving. The higher you are the worse you seem to feel it, and it's definitely not all the time. 
Ever since I've been "all grown up" (if I'm even there yet) I've always wanted to be rocked to sleep, so, um... I guess dreams do come true!  : )

Let me give you a quick glimpse of the rest of the boat, just so you know that I'm not exactly suffering : ) ... at least not physically.
I wish I could include hospital pictures because that is where the action really is, but we are restricted from taking photos in hospital due to patient confidentiality.  Apparently there is a designated photographer who releases photos that we're allowed to post, so I'll have to figure out how to access those. 

In the meantime, please get to know my space, so you can connect with me! and imagine life here a bit.  We have slow wireless connections many places on the ship.  But no Skype is allowed : ( as it takes too much bandwidth.  No major downloads either, so no itunes or video clips. 

Deck 6 - Recreational or relaxing area

Reception Area
(if you ever get lonely on the Africa Mercy, taking a walk by reception seems to help : )

Internet Area & Couch lounge areas

Cafe & Starbucks (down), up the stairs to Internet area (above photo)

Our "Birth" (room) 
6 of us girls fill up this space quite well

My Space : )
That I try to share with my bunkie Amy : )
Top bunk makes me feel youthful.

 The kitchen area was closed when I was doing my photo rounds.
I will try to get more pics from the doc at some point too. 

Please send letters! I'm always happy to hear from you.

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