Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Contact Info & Costs

I promised to get my contact info out to my mom weeks ago, and also to some of you! So here it is,

Mailing address:
(it looks US, and it is, but they have people coming from there so frequently that that's how they do the mail here! We do pay a bit to receive it, so please... if it weighs like a brick, it must be gold! ; )

Amber Dennis - Mercy Ships
M/V Africa Mercy - Hospital
Via Crew Mail
PO Box 2020
Lindale, TX 75771

email as usual:
blog: clearly....
phone: 0019545386110   ext: 3431  (that's my room #)
        (it is a US number, so it's like you calling the States.
        I can also call you, cause they sell us fairly reasonable calling cards here, just let me know when!)

Time Zone:
We are I believe 6hrs now ahead of Alberta, since daylight savings.

Some of you have asked about donating and there is actually a very easy way, and it is superly appreciated. 
If you do it through the website, you get a TaX ReCeiT! yay.

You just go to
  --> donate now
    --> donate to crew fees
      --> Project #: 3253 (at some point it will ask you for a project number.  If you quote my project number it helps towards the work that I am doing here.  Once my costs have been reached, it goes towards the rest of the work here on the Africa Mercy.  You can also designate it to other specific needs of your choice.)  Thanks to all of you who decide to pitch in!

Just to give you a quick idea:
Monthly crew fees: We each pay to be here, around $700 per month to cover our living expenses on the ship.I will be here just over 3 months this time around.
Flight: $1250
Immunizations: $450
Antimalarials: $300
Lost wages... we won't go there, cause that's not what it's really about.

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