Sunday, February 12, 2012


Who'd a thought you could feel culture shock coming home to your own country/home town.
Who'd a thought that commercialism would ever disgust me as much as it does upon returning home just now.
Who'd a thought you would develop an accent in 2 months. Some are saying that has happened.
Who'd a thought you'd ever wonder where to put the toilet paper... The garbage.. No the toilet.. No.. Ya, now it's ok to put it in the toilet.
Who'd a thought that I almost just lost all my pics in one foul mistake.. by mercy and grace I did not.
Who'd a thought I wouldn't really feel any jet lag, after 4connecting flights including an overnight delay.
Who'd a thought leaving Venezuela would be so difficult..
Who'd a thought, that 2 months could actually change your life.

"Travel helps you to remember who you forgot to be!" 
(Jakera BR wall 2012)


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