Friday, December 16, 2011

Monday, 5 December 2011, 12:03

Subject: =) Safe and Happy in Venezuela
{this was originally an email{

Sooo.... The place is legit =) I´m here and they´re taking good care of me mom =) I made it through Caracas without feeling too much at risk. Everything went pretty smoothly, and there were people at the airports to pick me up.  The airport in Barcelona was like the size of Abbottsford and not too many people around. Nobody even cared I was there which was nice.  Biggest thing people approach you for is to exchange your US dollars for Bolivars.  The whole way things are exchanged here is a bit of gong show. You can get anywhere from 1US = 4 Bolivar at the bank, or 1US to 8 Bolivar if you´re willing to do it on the street.  I´ll keep you posted about how that goes ! ) 
Our village is safe. Our complex is secure. I feel I can trust the people running the place. The head guy is Scottish. I think I told some of you that already.
Want to know the coolest things so far. Well mostly, the coolest thing is that the majority of our group of 9 are all around 30! How awesomeness is that.  The last group of 21 was all 19´-22 with one 41 year old. He had a hard time.  So I´m very pleased with our group! =) What a HUGE blessing. So happy so far.  4 Swedes, 1 Netherlands, 1 France, 1 Switzerland, and apparently I´m missing one... But a great little mix of folks.
Definitely no real privacy around here.  Took me the first day to get used to that. Open style dorm rooms. As in an open loft.. open to outside, just a roof. Wooden structured cabin. I now like it. 
Imagine... I think I may have brought too many clothes. 
The beach.. was/is amazing.  Soo warm! I set up my space yesterday when I got here around 2pm and then proceeded to hit the beach. The beach is just outside our door. So I imagine me and ´she shall become good friends =)
First trip is coming up this weekend. Kayaking over to a couple islands for 3 days. Orientation was today so Spanish classes start tomorrow.  Sounds like the Spanish is going to be what you make it. So we´ve decided after tomorrow no one is allowed to speak English anymore ! ) Well, so far only the Swedes are not allowed to speak Swedish cause the last group was so frustrated with over half their group just speaking German the whole time. 
Anyway, I´m sure this is getting long for some of you, and some of you would like to read more.  Not sure the blog is going to happen for this trip. But I will aim to do a weekly email at least, seeing as internet is a 45min bus ride away.  You can always call the Brendan number I gave you if you needed to get a hold of me. He´s here and that is his cell.  Nobody else can get much cell reception here but there is a place not too far if we need to make calls.  
Sounds like our schedule is a little more rigorous than I thought it was going to be. Which I´m actually glad about. Various morning excersizes, evening climbing wall etc stuff, and well Spanish in the mornings.. Not too sure what else. I´m looking forward to the out trips tho. We´ll be spending Christmas in the Delta! Which is again fiiiine with me ! )

Thank you again to everyone who helped me pack up my house this past week and helped me get ready, took me to the airport, gave me last minute books and gifts, etc. You guys made my hectic week before coming actually quite enjoyable.

Please feel free to send me messages, cause I´ll be happy to hear from you!
Again. Know that I´m super happy to be here, and so far feel like it was a great decision. Although we´re likely all in the honeymoon phase of living in tight spaces with people!
Ok yáll =) Glad I could finally check in with you! I hope to write you again soon! Likely I´ll be back here on Friday before leaving for the weekend.
Love you guys! 

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