Monday, December 19, 2011

Feliz Navidad!

It's funny how certain things trigger certain memories, aloe vera will always remind me of Grandma Haite at Attons Lake.  Here in Venezuela we are showered with fresh aloe vera plants, so we've been cutting and using it in abundance! It's making me look younger :) .. oh and healing small cuts, and soothing mosquito bites.  It's amazing how far one small piece will go.

Oh, I got my acceptance letter from Mercy Ships for those of you interested.  Feb 27 - June 11 is what they currently have me scheduled for. Yay!

I was mosquito bite free for one week, but I'm starting to get covered like the rest.  The theory back home is mosquitos like people who eat bananas, so I've cut them out of my diet the last few days to see if it makes a difference (despite the bananas being delicious and available...)

Craving ice cream today...
Still enjoying my collection of books.
My journal is much more intersting than this letter... :)
BBQ on the beach yesterday afternoon was a highlight so far. Guitars, and quatros. A few people from our group are quite musical. In fact we had our own band going by about 9:30 that night. Cups, cans, whatever was in our way became our music! Did you know books can be drums? :)

Today will be a soccer (football) match between a bunch from here in Playa Colorada, including us, and the next town over.

Although I'm certainly missing the Christmas hubub... after 6 days of Kayaking we will reach some fancy lodge in the Orononco Delta where we will spent a night and have a Christmas dinner, away from the mosquitos.  We're all looking forward to that Kayak trip that we leave for tomorrow!

Our group is still meshing well.  Thankful for that!
I'm learning very well now how to relax. You'd be proud Jenn ;) I got up yesterday morning and spent 4 hrs reading in a hammock while we waited for our Spanish teacher to arrive.
I'm just remembering that every moment is part of the dream :)

Must go.
Love Am :)

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